Asian Sourcing Solutions not only deals with business out of Asia but also assists Asian companies looking to expand their existing sales network.

At Asian Sourcing Solutions we provide a range of China sourcing services including:

1: Finding the right supplier

Through our network of established suppliers and experience with a wide range of products we are well positioned to help serious buyers establish communication with factories and wholesale sellers in China.

Note: this is not a price checking service. An upfront fee is charged for our services to provide suitable seller details. If you choose to continue the order and deal with us as the seller, we will deduct the cost of the fee from the order. If your preference is to deal with the factory direct then standard fees will apply.

2: Factory Tours & Business Translation

Factory and market tours can be arranged for buyers wanting to visit suppliers direct. We can organize private drivers if needed and set up advance meetings with factories and sellers. The cost and availability of this service will be determined buy the number of factories and markets you need to visit and also the location of each factory/market. Advance booking is necessary to make interpreters and drivers available.

3: Business Consultation & Contract Facilitation

Our team provide facilitation and agent services for large volume purchasers and sellers for import and export to the Chinese market. To know more about our China facilitation services and fees please contact us.

4: Quality Control & Shipping/Logistics

In China never think that the finished goods will be the same as you ordered. Even established and long term suppliers can sometimes leave you with products than you did not order and cannot sell. Our team is able to provide quality control services to check the products at the factory before the goods are sent.

Once your goods are ready we can also assist you in the shipping to the end destination. Our team takes care of all China customs clearances and organizes the shipping by air express  or sea freight.

5: Direct Sales of Wholesale Goods

For volume purchases of existing stock and small orders we are able to source and secure most wholesale goods available in the Chines markets. This service is for serious buyers only. Volume orders are necessary to make this service possible.  Please contact us with details of what you are looking for to assess if this service is right for you.