Tajima Wagyu Semen

Wagyu Semen for F1By following traditional Japanese breeding programs in our Australia Wagyu breeding farm and applying our extensive research and further development of the Tajima Wagyu cattle bloodlines we are able to offer genetics products that work for commercial breeders, dairy and feedlot specialists.

Our Tajima Wagyu semen is proven to work with Holstein/Wagyu cross breeding for F1 production. The lower birth weight of the Holstein/Wagyu  crossbreed calves provides ease of calving without complications which in turn allows the heifer to return to health without loss of milk production and also allows her to be ready for her second joining much sooner.

F1 wagyu semen australiaThe semen is packaged in industry standard straws with approximately 7-1o million active sperm count per straw. All of our bulls are tested for known genetic diseases which may affect the Tajiri/Tajima Wagyu lines and pre-extraction blood tests are applied for all of our export semen are conducted by Genetics Australia prior to export.

If you are interested in purchasing export Wagyu embryoes or Tajima Wagyu semen contact us to discuss options. Our Wagyu semen and other Wagyu genetics products are approved for export to most destinations including Japan, Korea, New Zealand, USA, Russia Europe, South East Asia and China.