Australia Tajima Wagyu

Tajima Wagyu Semen AustraliaHere at Asian Sourcing Solutions we are able to provide international buyers with pureblood 100% Tajima Wagyu semen and embryos. As a direct representative of the Australian Tajima Wagyu breeder we offer direct supply from the source.

The No.1 choice for cattle farmers for F1 production.

Our Tajima Wagyu genetics products have been developed over 25 years of research and practical breeding operations focused on:

  • High Performance at Feedlots
  • Ease of calving for heifers in F1 production
  • High % of successful joinings resulting in conception
  • Improved carcass quality ( beef quality and perfect marbling
  • Progeny which are free from known detrimental genetic conditions

Our Tajima bulls provide superior carcass results with high marbling scores and some of the highest fertility rates in the industry. With family lines tracing back to the most important Tajima cattle on both Dam and Sires bloodlines we offer arguably the best Tajima genetics in the world.

Australia Wagyu Cattle Genetics and Semen

As the industry expert of Australia Tajima Wagyu breeding and one of the foundation breeders in the Australian Wagyu industry our producer is able to guarantee all products through proven results and superior performance.

Tajima Wagyu Products:

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