Tapioca Residue Powder

Tapioca/ Cassava/Manioc

Tapioca Residue/ Cassava Residue is a high starch, high energy, low fat, low NDF (Neutral Detergent Fiber) supplementary feed.  It is the left over material or by-product produced when extracting tapioca starch from raw tapioca.

Specifications:Tapioca Residue Powder

  • Moisture -15% max
  • Sand and Silica -1% max
  • Fiber – 15% max
  • Starch- 50-55% minimum.

Feeding Options:

It is an ideal option to feed with good quality pasture, helping to improve cow condition and reproduction – therefore, leading to an increase in productivity. Used to increase dry matter intake Tapioca is best utilized in conjunction with a high protein feed. Tapioca Residue is suitable for year round feeding to dairy cows, ideally used to supplement spring and summer pastures.

 Packaging Options:

50KG bags with approximately 14-15MT per 20GP container and 25-26MT per 40GP container.

Can also be packaged with 650kg – 700kg or 850kg – 1MT  jumbo bags with 12-13MT P/20GP and  24-26MT P/40GP.