Animal Feed Pellets

Alfalfa Pellets:

Description: High quality feed pellet made from 100% pure alfalfa hay.

Ingredients: Alfalfa hay.

Feeding Rate: For best results use as part of a mixed feed ration.

Pellet Size: 6mm diameter


Sheep Cattle and Goat Pellets:

Description: High fiber feed with balance of grains, legumes and molasses.

Ingredients: Cereal hay and straw, barley, almond shell, grape meal, malt combings, lime and molasses.

Feeding Rate: For optimal results, it is recommended feeding at 1.7kg – 2kg/head/day.

Pellet Size: 6mm diameter.


Finisher Pellets:

Description: High quality pellet used for fattening of sheep, cattle and goats. High in fiber, pre-mixed with grains, legumes, molasses, vitamins and minerals to provide well balanced feed.

Ingredients: Alfalfa hay, oaten hay, clover, barley, almond shell, lupins, lime, molasses, vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Rate: For best results, recommended feeding 1.7kg – 2kg/head/day.


Packing:  All animal feed pellets are shipped in 40GP containers with 30KG Bags, 1MT Bulk Bags as standard packaging options.