How To Spot Copy Goods

In China on nearly every street you can find a range of copy merchandise from famous western brands. There is a push by the Chinese government to close down these sellers and put an end to the manufacture of these goods. This is unlikely to happen as the size of the copy industry and enormous amount of buyers for these products makes the copy business a very profitable one.

I frequently hear from luxury goods connoisseurs back home how they can spot a copy from a mile away. I am not so sure about this as even the best of quality control staff of major brands cannot see the difference between the copy and the original. I have heard of many instances where the copy merchandise is actually considered to be the original and the original is called the copy.

Yes there are bad copies out there. They fall to pieces after they are used, they give you rashes and change the colour of your skin on a hot day. I agree that some of these low end copies look cheap and nasty and can be spotted from a mile away. My personal favorite is the copy with the wrong spelling.  But the truth is the high end copies are often manufactured on the same machines with the same materials in the same factory. Most factory production also has reject product that is sold back to the market by factory staff as high end copies also.

I know there are people out there that take the trademark infringement seriously and get up in arms saying how it is criminal and that the genuine product sellers are losing out on vital income, I disagree. The type of people that buy copies are not the type of people that would pay for the original anyway. The official sellers miss out on nothing and gain through the bonus of free advertising. There also many instances of official stores selling copy merchandise to turn an extra buck.

Whether it is right or wrong the copy business is here to stay. Just don’t be sure you can spot a copy product with any confidence. AAA+ copies in China are generally just as good and in some cases better than the real thing. Usually the biggest and only difference between a good copy and the original is the price.

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