First Steps To Buying From China

    Every seller looks at ways to make more money. These thoughts more often than not, lead to buying direct from manufacturers in China to minimise costs and maximise profits. The problem with buying direct from China is where to start looking and how to make contact with the right supplier.

China is huge and it does take a lot of research and looking to know where to begin. Fortunately the world wide web has given us an endless supply of information, that if used correctly can help buyers get direct to the source without encountering potential scams or mishaps that can result in the loss of their investment.

The best way to verify that a supplier is real is to visit them in person. Obviously the cost of this can be restrictive for the small business owner and is sometimes not possible.

One of the most important and first steps for many buyers is knowing the exact product they want to buy and what quality certificates are needed to import this product. This is a step that many potential importers forget to look at before they contact with suppliers. Contacting with customs and knowing about any import restrictions is very important. Buyers will waste countless hours talking to sellers whose product cannot be imported due to non-compliance with international standards. Sellers will also not tell you that their product cannot be exported as it is not their business to know this and they do not care as long as the buyer pays for the products. This is the buyers responsibility to be aware of any import certification requirements necessary.

Once buyers have established the product quality and certification requirements they can then proceed to contact suppliers who can provide internationally recognized certifications. These certificates can sometimes be faked and it is important that if a product is potentially dangerous that buyers have the certificates verified by the issuing authority.

One certification that needs to be mentioned is the CE ( Conformity Europe) certification which is commonly used by European countries as a guarantee of quality. The Chinese are now using a very similar trademark which stands for China Export with an almost identical design. As the CE certification is considered to be an acceptable standard for most first world countries is has been suggested the China Export symbol has been used to possibly confuse buyers.



This is one of the most important first steps to consider when buying from China. It will save a lot of time by being able to avoid suppliers that cannot provide products which are able to be imported. For more information on buying from China please check my other posts .

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