Quality Control In China

I have been caught out a few times here in China with products that just weren’t up to scratch. I have received goods that were nothing like the samples I thought I was getting. I have been left scratching my head, open mouthed with my jaw slapping at my neck while trying to work out […]

How to bargain for products in China.

Everyone has their own way to try and get good prices when they go shopping on holidays. Some ways work for some people and fail miserably for other people who try them. I live in Guangzhou aka Canton and this is a daily part of life. Not everyone is a street hustler but the majority […]

How To Spot Copy Goods

In China on nearly every street you can find a range of copy merchandise from famous western brands. There is a push by the Chinese government to close down these sellers and put an end to the manufacture of these goods. This is unlikely to happen as the size of the copy industry and enormous […]

First Steps To Buying From China

    Every seller looks at ways to make more money. These thoughts more often than not, lead to buying direct from manufacturers in China to minimise costs and maximise profits. The problem with buying direct from China is where to start looking and how to make contact with the right supplier. China is huge and […]